Click to enlargeMeditations for Addictive Behavior<br>By Mukta Kaur Khalsa

A System of Yogic Science with Nutritional Formulas.
The Super Health Way from Recovery to Self-Discovery, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

"It is your birthright to be happy and live in peace." - Yogi Bhajan

People who are vulnerable to addictive patterns may have spent their life looking outside of themselves for a quick fix. The real answers lie within.

SuperHealth offers tools to discover the inner self with meditations which can help one feel comfort in all situations, build confidence and self esteem.

These Meditations help eliminate the physical, mental and spiritual blocks causing addictions, which keep a person from living a deeply satisfying life. Blocks are often demonstrated as lack of control over drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, co-dependent relationships or stress. Our goal is to get in touch with inner strength to conquer problems.

This process results in freedom from pain, fear, guilt, or resentment which often cause addictive behavior. The meditations are practical techniques to eliminate addictions, achieve inner fulfillment and peace of mind. We believe that the human spirit has all that it takes to reach its full potential.

SuperHealth is offering sacred meditation teachings to use in recovery to awaken self discovery. They are simple and powerful. It is our blessing to share them with you.

To achieve the BEST results, practice each meditation for 40 days. This is the amount of time required to create a new habit or break an addiction. The morning is the most favorable time to meditate. However, meditation is beneficial at anytime.

SuperHealth is developing a Specialty Certification Training Program for Level One Kundalini Yoga teachers as well as health care professionals that will begin in 2009. Once trained, these people will be able to serve their local communities.

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