Relax & Renew

Relax and Renew takes stress reduction to the level of spiritual resolution. The techniques offered in this book, don`t cover up the symptoms, they cure the problem!

Regular practice of even one of the hundreds of techniques included in this generous book will change your energy and introduce you to another dimension of being.

Key Sets and Meditations

15 Minute Morning Set to Raise Kundalini Energy Exercises for Maintaining a Flexible Spine Relaxation Series to Remove Negativity & Tension Simple Exercises for Spiritual Healing Anger Set - Repairing damage to the System of Ill-placed Anger Stress Sets for the Adrenals and Kidneys Exercises for the Liver, Colon & Stomach Relax and Renew in 2-11 minutes Quick Stress Reduction Techniques Pranayama - Breathing Exercises Exercises to Prepare for Meditation Short Set to Remove Negativity - To combat Depression, Anger, Fatigue or Stress " From Gururattan Kaur`s Kitchen" - Recipes for a Stress Reducing Diet

Relax and Renew is THE most comprehensive book on stress reduction available.

It even contains a section on quick "relax and renew" techniques (2-11 minutes!) for busy, active, stressed-out people who do not have the time for the full scale practice of Kundalini Yoga.

There are numerous sets and meditations for transforming and releasing energy bound up in stress. These include 9 for adjusting, strengthening, limbering and relaxing the spine, 10 for healing the liver and elimination, 6 for the kidneys and adrenals, plus many tranquilizing meditations and pranayamas including sleep aids, and others for energizing.

We have included the opportunity and Green Energy Set to relieve financial pressure tension as well as a meditation for setting the physical plane in order, 3 for rebirthing and 12 to cultivate euphoria, blissing out, traveling to the "3rd Blue Ether" and full moon and sunset meditations. The appendix contains a section on stress reduction and healing foods, herbs and recipes.

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