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This technology combines the cosmetic elegance of a high end face crème for the skin with practical working glide for the massage therapist.

Being “nonionic”, the skin’s own acid mantel is both preserved and encouraged to enhance youthful skin “respiration”. Because the crème is nonionic, it is an ideal carrier for desirable ingredients such as herbal extracts.

A “nonionic” crème is neither acid nor alkaline. It is protectively neutral. Therefore, pH sensitive additives are not compromised by antagonistic, hostile environments that negate the value and benefits for the skin.

Skin “respiration” is the only true measurement of the value of a skin crème. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is bioactive.

Skin “respiration” is the measure of youthfulness of the skin and the life cycle of a skin cell. A young, smooth and vibrant skin has a high skin “respiration” whereas an aged, troubled, sallow, wrinkled skin has a low skin “respiration”.

A “nonionic” preparation optimizes the skin environment for the highest possible skin “respiration”.

“Micronizing” the elements of this massage crème through the best available production technology makes the product more desirable in two ways.

First and foremost it makes available to the skin an intimate delivery system of built-in attributes.

Secondly, it reinforces the basic emulsion strength for lasting shelf life potential.

How is this achieved?

By producing a particle size ranging from 1 and 10 microns to enhance skin delivery and emulsion formula stability.

The combination of these benefits and technology create an effective, versatile, product like Versa Crème. Our crème allows for massage in multiple modalities while moisturizing the skin, enhancing skin “respiration” and delivering the benefits of essential oils.

This product is also available in a 1 gallon size. Please call for pricing: 800-359-2940 or 877-753-5351. Thank you.

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