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Kirtan Singh & Simran Kaur

This CD has the 'Mool Mantra' and 'Wahe Guru Groove' both for 30 minutes! The Mool Mantra is a big hit in Vancouver, Canada and has been heard on the radio. A powerful new recording of the Mool Mantra done in the traditional 'Tantric style' chanted by Simran Kaur Khalsa and Kirtan Singh Khalsa. 'Wahe Guru' means 'Great is God' or 'Wow! God'. This is another Tantric Chant made on special request from Yogi Bhajan. Great drums and piano, enhance the blend of harmonic voices by Simran Kaur, Hari Bhajan and Siri Sat Kaur Khalsa.

Samples and Track List:

1. Mool Mantra [31:10]
2. Wahe Guru Groove [31:07]

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