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ONG - Sadhana Meditations - CD by Guru Shabad Singh

Guru Shabad Singh's new Sadhana CD "Ong". This is a very special and unique project, involving months of hard work and collaborative effort involving many talented special guests:

Enchanting vocals by S.S.S Guru Amrit Kaur on the "Guru Ram Das" and "Sat Siri" chants. Vocals by Hargobind Hari Singh ("Hargo") on the "Sat Siri" chant. Sarab Shakti Kaur singing lead vocals on the "Mul Mantra" chant. "Guru Ram Das" chant also features a special guest performance by Grandmaster Sung Baek playing the ancient Taoist Kundalini Bamboo Flute.

Guru Shabad Singh is very excited about the quality of this CD, commenting that this is his, "Best Sadhana CD to date."

A landmark achievement in Sadhana and Mantra Music, "Ong" is the first of it's kind to merge the ancient sound current and Naad of these special mantras with the melody and beat of the Aquarian Age.

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