One Prayer, New CD from Pritpal Singh

Pritpal has been singing and making sacred music since 1975. Drawing upon his studies of Classical East Indian Raag and from his meditative exploration of Naad ( primal sound and how it effects the human consciousness), Pritpal has broken new ground with this latest recording in the area of Chant and Mantra Sacred Music.

In "One Prayer" we experience East Indian instruments along with the unlikely combination of American Roots musical instruments. There are three tracks of mantras as well as three tracks of selections of Gurbani or Shabad Guru. Both of these sources create strong Naad the transforming power of sacred sound. The listener feels lifted up and transported by these tracks filled with comforting melody, supporting harmonies and powerful percussion.

At the core of his latest recording is Pritpal's rich and resonant voice. It surrounds the listened with a feeling of comfort and calm. Balanced by the floating female background vocals, there are moments of glorious harmonies and penetrating delivery of melody. All of these tracks will coax you deeper in your meditation, while some will also make you want to move.

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