Jaap Sahib learning CD by Ram Das Kaur

Jaap Sahib is an introduction unto God. Guru Gobind Singh used a myriad adjectives to enumerate the qualities of the Lord, paying obeisance to innumerable forms of His compassion and mercy . When Jaap Sahib (Sun energy) is combined with Japji Sahib (Moon energy) you get the FULL power and most effect of it. Ying and Yang. Your relationship to your soul (Japji) and your relationship to the world (Jaap Sahib).

Yogi Bhajan also said that Jaap Sahib heals Father Phobias and with that, our relationship with men. This is valid for both, men and women.

Guru Gobind Singh trained simple farmers and shopkeepers to be fearless and invincible soldiers by having them recite Jaap Sahib. And that is where the force of his armies came from.

The battles and challenges We face these days in this world can be victoriously approached when we have this spirit alive within us. Guru Gobind Singh's spirit, through his bani, allows us to face our life with courage and determination

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