Feeling Good Today by Snatam Kaur

Feeling Good Today makes mantra and music fun for kids of all ages. Sing along with Snatam Kaur's magical vocals as she leads a lively group of children through songs and mantras. Parents and children will love the universal messages and positive affirmations woven through this joyful music.

These songs have been sung around the world in Snatam Kaur's children's yoga workshops. Fulfilling years of fan requests, this recording specially for children is sure to be a favorite in the car, at home, or in class. Sing, dance, play and feel good today!

The music features Snatam Kaur's vocals filled with joy and innocence, GuruGanesha's Singh's lively inviting signature guitar, Ram Dass' rich clarinet, Thomas Barquee's bass and keyboards, and the fun-filled vocals of a beautiful children's choir. Krishan’s playful production makes these mantras and songs instantly accessible to children, and they sure to become household favorites.

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