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Sukhmani is a prayer in the form of a song to bring everlasting peace and comfort to the mind. Its sound is tranquilizing and removes stress. Sukhmani Sahib opens your heart to live in gratitude, steadies your spiritual discipline, and connects you with your strength, endurance, courage and Infinite consciousness to overcome every obstacle. Listening to or reciting Sukhmani Sahib once a day can change your destiny from misery to prosperity and give you inner balance, grace, radiance, energy and the power to sacrifice.

It is composed of 24 ashtapadis, one for each hour of the day. Ashtapadi means "eight steps" thus, each ashtapadi is divided into 8 sections. The ashtapadi is introduced by a short Shalok, the lines that contain the central theme which the subsequent 8 steps expand upon.

Astapadi 6: examples God's gifts to man: a healthy body, delicacies to eat, silks and jewels to wear and pleasant music to hear.

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