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This recording is a remastering of music I collaborated on, with Veteran New Age producer Liv Singh Khalsa, in 1985 and 1987 Many people have asked me over the years, for recordings of both pieces. We have made them available on CDs as 31 minute meditations, for the new millennium and the burgeoning wholistic community.

About the Narayan Shabad The Narayan shabad is a hymn from the sacred text of the Sikhs,and is one of many different names for the Divine, relating to the element of water. As a plant needs water for its flowers to blossom, in the same way chanting Narayan nurtures the Divine Identity within you so that your soul can bloom into its full beauty and grace. Narayan is also a meditation tool for getting clear, cleaning the consciousness and cutting through maya, or what does not serve you.

About the Pran Sutra This recording of the Pran (life force, in the breath) Sutra (sentence or statement of infinite wisdom) is a musical journey of passing from this earth, and was inspired by a lecture Yogi Bhajan gave, during a Sikh Womanís Camp in the 1980ís, on the process of how we die, and the journey a soul makes from this earthly plane to the next place, beyond life as we know it. He gave the practice of the Pran Sutra, as a tool to help us prepare for the moment when we take our last breath, and the steps we will walk on the journey to our eternal home.

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