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Using these 24 guided meditations from the book, Everyday Grace, practice at home, in your car, or at work. With Sat Purkh Kaurís voice guiding your way, experience Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations throughout your day.

Become more mindful and in tune with our own inner light.

CD - 1 Grace Note One: The Adi Shakti (1:41) Grace Note Two: Become an Orb of Light (2:01) Grace Note Three: Beaming and Creating the Future (6:54) Grace Note Four: Walking Meditation (1:05) Grace Note Five: In Beauty I Walk. (2:51) Grace Note Six: A First Kiss (3:23) Grace Note Seven: The Art of Sexuality (2:53) Grace Note Eight: Breath Rhythm to Regulate the Menstrual Cycle (9:10) Grace Note Nine: Self-Blessing and Awakening Exercises (2:16) Grace Note Ten: I Am the Light of My Soul (2:31) Grace Note Eleven: The Grace of God Meditation (6:03) Grace Note Twelve: Finding Your Voice (2:44)

CD - 2 Grace Note Thirteen: Shabd Kriya for Deep Sleep (4:22) Grace Note Fourteen: Meditation for the ArclineóRealize Your Power! (15:13) Grace Note Fifteen: Conscious Communication (2:11) Grace Note Sixteen: Take Your Soul for a Walk (1:40) Grace Note Seventeen: A Motherís Prayer (2:10) Grace Note Eighteen: The Gifts of the Chakras (3:15) Grace Note Nineteen: Healing Imagery Meditation (7:07) Grace Note Twenty: Healing with Prana (3:15) Grace Note Twenty-One: Breath Break (0:46) Grace Note Twenty-Two: The Sacred Circle (2:09) Grace Note Twenty-Three: A Womanís Prayer (3:03) Grace Note Twenty-Four: Saving Grace (1:22)

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