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1. The first track "All Things Come from God" is from an English translation of the 33 pauri of Japji Sahib which is something different from her normal tracks because it is all in English. It has a groovy reggae type rhythm with some beautiful vocals and Indian instruments.This is a great affirmation track that can help you eliminate fear. 2."Hargobinda" is an up-beat recitation. It has deep chorus vocals and cool sounding Indian instruments. 3.Beautiful Soul This is a beautiful song with inspirational english affirmations of self strength, inter-twined with the mantra "Sat Siri, Siri Akal, Siri Akal, Maha Akal, Maha Akal, Sat Nam, Akal Murat, Waheguru" 4.App Gavaa-ee-ai - This track starts with some very soulful and heart wrenching Indian instruments and is from the Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev ji.The lyrics are based on the English translation of Guru Nanaks writings from this shabad. 5. Guru Ram Das Guru - This is another classic. A great track for meditation. 6.Listen to your Words God and Me Are One (aka: All for you) It is a sweet soft vocal track with subtle instrumentals of Guitar & Cello. 7. Sopurkh Niranjan This is a recitation of the So Purkh which is by the fourth Guru: Guru Ram Das ji. It opens with the relaxing sound of the Indian bansuri flute and then goes into the recitation which is repeated. The bani is part of the daily prayer of Rehiras. 8. Jis Neech Ko Ko-ay Na Na Jaanai Mean Mean Man This song is from the Shabad by Guru Arjan Dev ji . This version of the song is one of the old songs that we used to sing in the old days (70′s/80′s) in a very up beat way and was a very lively fun song.

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