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Call for the Beloved by Sat Kartar

Sat Kartar Kaur is one of the longtime musicians in the history of Kundalini Yoga Music, her first recordings of Mantra Chants reaching back until the 1970’s, being one of the first professional music recordings at all. Her deep musical insight, coupled with many years of yogic and spiritual experience are perfectly expressed in her uniquely fascinating voice. On her CD Call for the Beloved she shows her musical talent in yet a heightened state of perfection and grace, with mantras, songs and melodies which will guide you towards a deep transformational experience.

Sat Kartar Kaur says about her CD: ”Call for the Beloved is a themed collection of chants, verses and songs from Yoga, Sikh, and other spiritual traditions, focusing on the search for higher love and a divine relationship. Several of these pieces are meditation practices, which can aid, in the inner and outer challenges met, when we set out to find that loving partner, which currently seems to elude many. It is my hope and prayer that these sounds will bless and serve your journey and well being, for highest good for all concerned.”

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