Click to enlargeKundalini Rising

by Dev Suroop Kaur

Kundalini Rising can create a space to affirm your identity as a timeless, deathless being in all activities of your life. This creative, magical music journey is enjoyable for working, driving, dancing and in your personal meditation practice as well as yoga classes. On this album, Chant touches many dance styles including Trance, Bhangra, and even Klezmer and Swing. Always musically interesting and engaging while feeding the spirit with Kundalini Rising healing mantra.

Vocals and Vocal co-arrangements by Dev Suroop Kaur Music, Production, Arrangements and Engineering by Liv Singh Violin, Clarinet, Mandolin, Recorder and Penny Whistle by Yonatan Miller Keyboards by Mark DeCozio Drum kits by Ken Mary

1. Riding Into Destiny 11:34
2. God and Me 5:40
3. Celestial Sat Narayan 13:30
4. When Darkness Collides with Light 3:50
5. Klezmer Yoga Guru Ram Das 3:28
6. I Am 5:33
7. Klezmer Yoga Ra Ra Ma Ma 3:38
8. Dhan Dhan 5:42
9. Sat Nam Bhangra 10:32
10. Kundalini Rising 7:17

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