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An old fashion concept album, this entire Album: Heal Me, was done as my personal prayer for healing and redemption. Though made up of multiple songs, it is meant to be enjoyed as a complete experience, from beginning to end. When listened to in this way, the songs weave a tapestry of deep and manifold healing. It is my hope and prayer that my journey of healing is conveyed through this music and that each listener can be healed through the sound and vibration that has been created.

This album has many stories associated with the songs and the nature of the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan's poetry. Every song is a story; stories relating to Yogi Bhajan and my relationship with my spiritual teacher. For those of you who never met Yogi Bhajan, as well as those of you who did, you might find these stories of our creative collaborations valuable and hopefully entertaining. - Blessings, GuruPrem Singh

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