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"The best company is the the company of your good self and the company of the people that are good influences in your life. Every time I enter the space of the recording studio with Thomas Barquee, my producer, I feel the power to reach out to all of you through the sacred and healing music of Mantra and Shabd. It is a very transformative experience to enter into a process of creativity as we dedicate and to open up to the Infinite. We start with a prayer and an attitude of surrender. We have worked together on 15 cd albums and the process of recording is definitely a spiritual experience." - Satkirin Kaur

1. Merey Sahiba
2. Aadays Tisay Aadays
3. Nasaro Mansoor Gur
4. Ray Man Eh Bidh Jog
5. Wahe Guru
6. Kio Singaar
7. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur

Reflections On Satkirin's Latest Release By Nadar Nihal Singh
Satkirin's new CD, Good Company, beautifully and transcendently evokes the words of the Shabad Guru, and gives us the Darshan (another name for Good Company) of the enlightened ones. The pure essence of the enlightened ones literally reside in the Bani/Shabad (sacred musical poetry), so when we have an inspired experience of the Bani, we literally have the company of the author of the Bani. We cannot ask for better company than this!

One experience that is often had being in the Sadh Sangat is that we see how people with diverse ideas from diverse backgrounds can come together to create a cohesive whole. Listening to Good Company gives us a very strong experience of this. Each track has a completely different texture, character, message, and approach, yet they all come together with unity and power.

Good Company is east-meets-west kirtan fusion at it's best. The Shabad Guru is an infinite reservoir of creative and spiritual potential, and this CD is a very unique and transformational expression of it's power and beauty.

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