Of Heaven and Earth

by Jai-Jagdeesh

Jai-Jagdeesh's second major release is filled with the soul-stirring longing of the search for meaning in the life of a spiritual nomad. Her voice is big and bluesy, while having a surprising youthful innocence dancing through every note. This combination of song and mantra is accompanied by world-renowned sitarist Leonardo Har Prakash accompanied by violin, bansuri flute, guitars, harmonium, bass, tablas and cajon.

1. Invocation 06:10
2. Sarovar 09:13
3. Light of Love 08:01
4. Hallelujah 06:21
5. Ardas Bhaee 05:52
6. Pavan Pavan 08:27
7. Raj Jog 07:09
8. In Dreams 07:46
9. Guru Ram Das 09:24

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