The Oracle Sessions

by Simrit Kaur

A beautiful blending of sacred mantra and deep musical grooves. Simrit effortlessly channels the timeless vibration of love and the rocking spirit of Led Zeppelin. She uses her other-worldly voice to receive and transmit the message that "all is God." The Oracle Sessions is a meeting of Guru Ram Das and Mazzy Star in the service of compassion and the human heart. Produced in a swirling cloud of angelic melody by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev. This is definitely not your mother's mantra record. Perfect for yoga classes, heart expansion, and time travel.

1. Ek Ong Kar 08:58
2. Into the Light 03:16
3. Love Knows 05:01
4. Ra Ma Da Sa 07:23
5. Aap Sahai Hoa 11:37
6. Eka Mai 05:20
7. Prana Apana 13:05
8. Guru Ram Das 12.06

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