Seeds of Love by Aykanna

Seeds Of Love by Aykanna features traditional Gurmukhi mantras and chants. For all lovers of Kundalini Yoga and healing, this album is enlivened with inspirational soul music and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Sukhdev's soothing voice resonates through a landscape of electric guitar and deep bass, rooted by Akahdahmah's words of wisdom and Afro Cuban percussive elements.

1. Gobindah Hari 07:03
2. Adays Tisay Adays 04:02
3. Halleluyah 04:24
4. Sat Siri 06:34
5. Ong Namo (11mins Meditation) 11:40
6. I Came to Be Who I Be 04:20
7. Gobinde, Mukandeh 06:33
8. Rhythm Dance 06:43
9. Pavan, Pavan 07:38
10. Longtime Sunshine

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