Light of the Naam by Snatam Kaur

Morning Chants

On her Sadhana album Light of the Naam, Snatam Kaur takes the listener inside the intimate experience of her daily morning yoga practice and chants. These are the mantras she sings every morning to start her day as a part of her Kundalini Yoga daily practice.

Accompanied by keyboard, flutes, violin, guitars and tabla, Snatam's Sadhana-CD Light of the Naam is authentic beauty. Produced by Thomas Barquee.

1. Waah Yantee 07:36
2. The Mul Mantra 06:59
3. Sat Siree Siree Akaal 7:37
4. Rakhay Rakhanahaar 07:24
5. Waheguru Wahe Jio 22:24
6. Guru Ram Das Chant 05:41
7. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur 07:48
8. Take Me In 07:18

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