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This stunning album, the first live offering from world music/sacred chant duo Mirabai Ceiba, brings you straight into their audiences of thousands as they bring their signature mix of angelic mantra, sensual vocals, and a gentle blend of harp, guitar, and piano. Recorded live in sacred chant concerts from Estonia to Joshua Tree to Mexico City, this haunting album brings the listeners straight into a sound cocoon of deep healing, of joyful rejuvenation, and vibrant emotional power.

1.Song of Life – Sat Gurprasad (07:23)
2.Joy Like Spring (05:12)
3.Pavan Guru (09:10)
4.La Luna (04:59)
5.Tells the Clouds to Weep (02:54)
6.Yemaya (08:35)
7.Templo del Corazón – Guru Ram Dass (08:02)
8.Despierta (06:36)
9.Ajai Alai (08:52)
10.Guru Ram Dass Rakho Sarnaee (09:05)
11.Oshun (08:04)
12.Between the Shores – Sat Naam (05:57)
13.Inside the Majesty (05:36)
14.Maria durch den Dornwald Ging [Bonus Track] (02:32)

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