The Aquarian Dawn

by Pritpal Sigh Khalsa

This Aquarian Sadhana is transformed through the musical interpretation of Pritpal Singh, it has "a little Country, and a lot of Soul". The upbeat melodies are supported by rhythmic guitars, slide guitars, mandolin and banjo; with great vocal harmonies.

Pritpal has brought together just the right amount of Americana flavor to hold your interest in these ancient mantras.

1. Long Ek Ong Kar 07:07
2. Wha Yantee 07:24
3. Mool Mantra 07:08
4. Sat Siri Siri Akal
5. Rakhe Rakenhar 07:25
6. Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio 22:07
7. Guru Ram Das Guru 05:10
8. May the Longtime Sun

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