Stress Relief Meditations

by Ramdesh Kaur

These gentle guided meditations by Ramdesh Kaur will lead you through a variety of practices, visualizations and breathing exercises to relieve stress and let go of some of the major causes of stress in a short period of time. Accompanied by the relaxing sound of crystal singing bowls and the beautiful vocals of Ashana, you will be transported in just a few minutes out of stress and into peace.

1. Guided Meditation for Deep Peace and Relaxation 08:34
2. Guided Meditation for Relieving Depression 08:08
3. Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Overwhelm 09:53
4. Guided Meditation for Expansion and Light 10:12
5. Guided Meditation for Opening Your Heart 04:18 1.19 Listen Buy Mp3 6. Guided Meditation for Physical Healing 06:23
7. Guided Meditation for Body Image Acceptance 08:38
8. Guided Meditation for Stress Relief 09:23

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