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This wonderful CD springs from the fertile musical imagination of Wah! (Wahe Guru Kaur). She conceived of and brought to birth this trancendental and exhubant album in a fervor of creative passion almost 20 years ago.

The workds of Jap Ji by Guru Nanak, sung in Gurmukhi and in english, and the music combine to produce a meditative state. Listening to the words and songs of Guru Nanak in any century has the same effect... inspiring us to remember who we are and blossom into our own identity. 3 CD-Set.

Tracks: CD 1: Mool Mantra (2:42); Sochai Soch (4:10); Hukamee (4:05); Gaavai Ko Taan (6:08); Saachaa Sahib (7:29); Guraa Ik De Bujhaaee (12:04); Je Jug Chaare (3:50); Suneeai (12:01); Aisa Naam (5:36).

CD 2: Jo Tudh Bhaavai (23:32); Bhaareeai Hath (4:11); Vadaa Sahib (8:00); Paataalaa Paataal (3:51); saalaahee Saalaah (2:18); Ant Na Siftee (6:07); Jisno Bakhshe Sifat Saalaah (6:54); Amulo Amul (7:16);

CD 3: So Dar Kehaa (13:27); Aades Tisai Aades (9:54); Ik Doo Jeebhau (3:52); Jor Na Jeevan (1:48); Raatee Rutee (5:44); Dharam Khand (6:43); Giaan Khand/Saram Khand (4:06); Karam Khand (4:51); Saach Khand (5:47); Jat Paahaaraa/Shlok (7:30).

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