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The Pearl: Maiden, Mother, Crone is a collection of songs that celebrate a woman's identity. The origin of this album's title is dedicated to Janis Joplin, the amazing, full-throated, soulful but also broken singer from Sat Purkh's home state, Texas. She grew up enamored of her power - how she just put it all out there. Her nickname was Pearl and she was indeed a gem. But she was also damaged, as many of us are as women, in our culture and in cultures around the globe. May every woman who practices these shabads and repeats these mantras be blessed with her own grace, strength and power, and may her prayer serve to bless the lives of women and girls all around the world.

1. Durga Mantra
2. Gaia Shabad
3. Shakti Mantra - Ek Ong Kaar Sat Naam Siree Wahe Guroo
4. Down on Me-I-aanrhee-ai Shabad Recitation
5. Jammee-aa Poot Bhagat Govind Kaa-Govinda Govinda Govinda
6. Poota Maataa Kee Aasees
7. Guru Gayatri Mantra
8. Sopurkh Recitation
9. Bhand Jammee-ai
10. 30th Pauree - Ekaa maa-ee jugat viaa-ee

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