The Guru Within by Sat Purkh Kaur

(Double CD)

Dedicated to all those who seek to find their own way. May we all realize our own inner compass and be guided, even through the darkness, to the knowledge of how very precious we are. –Sat Purkh

Disc One

1. Ong Namo Kirtan 2. The Song of Nanak 3. Air Is the Teacher 4. Mere Govinda 5. Guru Ram Das 6. Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita 7. Wahe Guru Simran 8. As Thou Keepest Me

Disc Two

1. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo Guru Dev Namo Guru Deva (11) 2. Pavan Guru: Praan Bandha Mantra Meditation (11) 3. Sat Kartar: Meditation to Open the Heart (11) 4. 33rd Pauri: Sampooran Kriya (25 recitations) (11) 5. Guru Ram Das: Segmented Practice (11) 6. Guru Gobind Singh’s Shakti Mantra: A Laya Yoga Meditation (11)

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