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At the same time that White Sun II is a collection of songs, it is also a single extended musical piece that explores the highest planes of human consciousness through sound and mantra. This CD was Award Winner on 2017 59th Grammy Awards.

White Sun is a Los Angeles-based band comprised of two yogis and an Award-Winning Composer.

The overall sonic space is complex yet uncluttered, and is embellished by the musical genius of special guests like Grammy Winner Mamadou Diabate, 7-time Grammy Nominated Gabe Witcher, Abhiman Kaushal, and the Waters Family.

1. Gobinday Mukunday (Mantrapedia) 4.58
2. Ajai Alai (Mantrapedia) 5.50
3. Chattra Chakkra Varti (Mantrapedia) 4.43
4. Simro Gobind 2.53
5. Suniai (Mantrapedia) 4.44
6. Aap Sahaee Hoa Har Har Har (Mantrapedia) 4.33
7. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur (Mantrapedia) 5.06
8. Akal Instrumental 3.15
9. Akal (Mantrapedia) 2.58
10. Hummee Hum (Mantrapedia) 5.30
11. Ik Ardas Wahe Guru 7.19

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