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Meditations for Transformation:Removing Obstacles features three meditations from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. Each meditation will help clear a specific type of block from your life by bringing clarity, providing guidance, and giving you the power to the remove obstacles that stand in your way.

These mantras and meditations work deeply on the subconscious level to restore your connection to your own creative source to help you move forward in this life.

Practice them together in sequence, or one at a time. For a deep and lasting shift in consciousness, choose the meditation that resonates with you most deeply and practice it for 40 days. You won’t believe the difference a daily practice can make in your life as you remove obstacles and embrace your destiny.

Meditation for Removing Subconscious Blocks - Gobinday Mukunday

Meditation for Removing Life Blocks - Aad Such

Meditation for Removing Financial Blocks - Har

Harnam is a painter, yogi and musician. The intertwining of each of his gifts can be seen, felt and heard in his music. This album is almost a visual landscape of sound.

Once dubbed the Eddie Vedder of Kundalini Yoga music, Harnam evokes a visceral experience of mantra with his earthy voice, rich guitar work, and authentic focus on the ancient yogic practice of chanting mantra. Each of the tracks on this album was composed with a specific purpose and is meant to be chanted along with, but you may find yourself lost in the lush sounds even when you are just in the mood for listening.

Harnam is accompanied by world-renowned tabla player, Manish Vyas, who creates an alluring fluid rhythm that carries you through the entire album. Produced by Ram Dass Khalsa, this album is perfect for your meditation practice, accompanying a yoga class, or as you are driving down many roads.

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