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Finding a place of total peace within yourself is a priceless gift. From the first note, Snatam Kaur’s new release, Beloved, gives you that gift. The opening track, Amul (which is the Gurmukhi word for priceless) invites you to travel away from the chaos of this commercial world to a place of priceless peace. From there, the album builds landscapes of song that have Snatam Kaur’s voice opening up in totally new directions from her previous albums.

1. Amul - Priceless 7:05
2. Gopaal 8:05
3. Water of Your Love 4:59
4. Har Uplift (Mantrapedia) 8:32
5. Darashan Maago 12:56
6. Pooran Jot - Pure Light 9:10
7. Har Har Har Har Gobinday (Mantrapedia) 12:04
8. Sat Naaraa-in (Mantrapedia) 8:33

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