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Down Come the Walls by Jai-Jagdeesh

In a beautifully bold and vulnerable declaration of the glory of being human, “Down Come The Walls” explores divinity, passion, heartbreak, and authenticity in an exquisite musical journey. In this, Jai-Jagdeesh’s third studio album, she has surrounded herself with a creative team of multi-instrumental masters to provide her an impeccable and dynamic current for her potent voice to sail on. The barriers of genre and classification swiftly fall by the wayside as she flawlessly merges sacred mantra and poetry with a vast variety of influences, including Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, and Amy Winehouse, while subtly nodding to impressionist classical composers and jazz greats. Jai-Jagdeesh is unabashedly herself, admitting her perceived flaws and courageously embracing them as opportunities for greater love. It is said that a person’s cracks are where the light gets in. In this case, Jai-Jagdeesh has decisively demolished her entire facade to reveal a blazing majesty that is nothing short of magnificent.

1. Aykaa Maaee (Mantrapedia) 9:29
2. She Kissed Me 8:18
3. The Gift (Aasees) (Mantrapedia) 9:59
4. Hold Your Hand 8:15 1.99
5. Laya Yoga (Mantrapedia) 9:14 1.99
6. 13 Times 4:03
7. Har Har Har Gobinday (Mantrapedia) 7:04
8. Requiem - We Are Love 11:50
9. Sohung (Sa Ta Na Ma) (Mantrapedia) 9:57

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