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By Ramdesh Kaur

Journey Into Stillness is a fantastic tool for creating stillness and peace in your life. Drawing on her wisdom and experience as a Kundalini yoga teacher, and her love of Kundalini mantras, Ramdesh Kaur created an album of guided meditations that will take you on journeys into the depths of your soul. There you will find deeper peace, healing, and love than you may have imagined possible. Each meditation was created to give the listener a profound experience of the energy and meaning of the Kundalini mantra it accompanies. Producer Ram Dass Khalsa did an amazing job balancing the meditations and the mantras, allowing each to support the other for a deep meditation experience.

1. Guided Meditation for Conscious Breathing 09:15
2. Guided Meditation for Relaxation 09:05
3. Guided Meditation with the Angels 13:14
4. Guided Meditation on the Cycle of Life 08:11
5. Guided Meditation to the Golden Temple 25:05
6. Guided Meditation for Self-Love 04:10

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