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Tratakam is the meditative technique of gazing. Gazing with the eyes is recognized as a powerful method for focusing life force energy. In the yogic Scripture it says, "even a glance from the eyes of a holy man can cure mental and physical impalances." Gazing with the eyes is regocnized as a powerful technique for focusing pranic energy. The pranic energy gives life to the atom, all material, and the mind. The laws of regulation and interaction of pranic energy form the basis of most occult sciences, and explain many obscure passages in the scriptures. The general technique of gazing is called Tratakam. Applying Tratakam to a particular image of a teacher is Guru Yoga. The stories surrounding the practice of gazing are so many, the simple truths have become obscured. If you read the old literature of yogic and mystic lore that was published around the turn of the century, there are descriptions of yogis gazing at the sun all day. This ancient literature describes a glance that hipnotizes, removing one's will, and eyes that shine beams of light for miles. In many modern movies, the power of eye communication is used as main technique to represent emotional states. At the base of all this, there is an exciting and different understanding of man, energy, and the nature and function of vision.

"People will enjoy beaming who have meditated on that picture of mine. You know there's a special meditation picture; not all pictures do anything. However weird that particular image is, sometimes you don't like it, but that's the only picture that works. All other pictures can do nothing. That's the only one. What should I do? Now, I know some people complain to me, "Yogiji, your other pictures are more beautiful". But I say "I can't help it. Sometimes non beautiful things are required, too."

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