Click to enlargeCo-creation, By Vladimir Megré

Co-creation, Book 4 of
the Ringing Cedars Series
by Vladimir Megré

If you’ve read Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars of Russia and The Space of Love, and you think you’ve "got it"... Book 4, Co-creation, will cause you to think again.

In this book, Anastasia’s pure energy vibrates at a much higher pitch.

Co-creation is vast in its scope of vision, and it is powerfully poetic. You will actually feel yourself changing as you read.

Through words and images that sing to your soul, Anastasia deepens your understanding and raises your sights to a whole new level.

This is "the story of creation" as you have never heard it told.

Now, as Anastasia reveals the Divine blueprint, we see that we are truly masters of our own destiny and that our choices affect not only ourselves but also the entire Universe.

Full of astonishing revelations, this book may just turn your world upside-down.

Co-creation offers practical steps, grounded in ancient wisdom, which you can use today to create powerful positive change in your life and simultaneously guarantee the future happiness of all mankind.

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