The Ten Light Bodies DVD  by Nirvair Singh Khalsa **NOT AVAILABLE**

Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness

100 min Duration DVD

Your presence must work. This is a quality of strengthening the seventh (Aura) and tenth ( Radiant) Bodies. Increasing your awareness of these bodies can come by studying and applying the knowledge of the Kundalini Yoga Ten Bodies system as taught Yogi Bhajan. The spiritual emphasis and the connection of the ten bodies to the Ten Sikh Gurus allows you to truly understand what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Mastering this system is invaluable for evaluating and assessing the self and for helping others in counseling. Yogi Bhajan once advised me that the system is an excellent shield for counseling. You can use it in a way that helps another person, not only to understand their own self, but also gives them the tools and power to uplift their own self. The first five bodies that are reviewed of this issue are the foundation for your earthly human experience. The balance of head, heart, mind and body are so important for that internal integration of spirit.

There is a story that the Yogi Bhajan would tell that I will paraphrase. It is a story of self-initiation. Once upon a time, a student of a great Master came rushing into the Ashram. He was loudly proclaiming, "I have seen it, I have seen it!" The other students were surprised and alarmed as the student that was doing the proclaiming was known as being a very quiet, contained and undemonstrative person. His fellow students gathered around him and asked all the normal questions like, "What have you seen? Where did you see it?" However, the proclaiming student would not answer any question at all but continued with his statement over and over again, "I have seen it; I have seen it!"

Finally, the entire clamor brought the ashram's Master out of his quarters. He took the student, who was now on the verge of hysteria, back into his quarters, calmed him with his touch and asked the student what he had seen. Calm now, the student answered, "I have seen God in human form." "Where?" the Master inquired. "Coming towards this place right this moment." "Really?" the teacher said, "is that human more beautiful than I am." The student hesitated because his Master was very dear to him. The student bowed his head and softly said, "Yes."

Upon hearing this remarkable statement, the Master called in all his students, who were waiting just outside his door. The Master knew that some kind of action must be taken immediately because he knew of the deep love of this student for him and the conflict that it was causing this student. The Master instructed the other students to go outside to look for someone coming this way. The students did so, only coming back in to report that a very plain and normal looking woman was coming up the road. The Master left the ashram to look for himself.

When the Master saw the woman, he exclaimed, "Wow, he was right!" and he approached the woman and paid his respects. He returned to the group of students waiting for him. The other students were all puzzled. They stood, shifting from foot to foot, looking at each other in disbelief. Finally, one confused student overcame his reticence and asked his Master, "She is not beautiful at all, what are you seeing that we do not." The wise Master replied with a laugh, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, God is beautiful and he has no limit, her beauty was within."

"Why couldn't we see it?" said the student. The Master answered, "Don't fret, my son, you are just learning to behold that unlimited beauty that is God within. Realize your own beauty and you will see it in others."

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