Click to enlargeInvincible Woman by Shakta Kaur

Join Shakta Kaur as she explains how women were given 16 times more intelligence and 200 times more sensitivity then men. But, Shakta explains, "Women don't understand how to use this power. Sixteen times more intelligence is not to count weaknesses or fears - it is to count blessings."

You will learn:

* Qualities of an Invincible Woman * Why woman is called the "Adi Shakti" * To understand your power * How to win with integrity, dignity and divinity * An Invincible Woman cannot be destroyed, come what may

Women are not born to suffer but they do. Women are not born to be unhappy, but many of them are. However, when women meditate and reflect, the entire universe can become theirs. It is only through women that the universe has a right to live, to grow and to be. So, begin this journey of the beauty of the Creator manifest as the Shakti within you - the journey of the Invincible Woman!

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