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Chyawanprash offers anti-stress benefits. It is a rejuvenative and also offers antioxidant benefits. Chyawanprash pacifies Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. In Ayurveda philosophy, good health can be achieved by balancing doshas present within us.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is one of the main ingredients in Chyawanprash. Major Constituents: Ascorbic acid, tannins. Each 100 gm of Amla provides between 470 to 680 mg of Vit.C, 20 times more than an orange. Unlike citrus fruits, the Amlas Vit.C is conjugated to gallic acid and reducing sugars to form a tannoid complex. When ingested, these compounds are released into the body along with Vit. C.

Ingredients: A proprietary mix of: indian gooseberry (fresh fruit rind), unrefined sugar, clarified butter, honey, piper longum (fruit), cinnamomum zeylanicum (bark), cinnamomum tamala (dried leaves), ellataria cardamomum (fruit), mesua ferrea (anthers). Extracts of: asparagus racemosus (roots), tacca aspera (rhizome), ipomoea digilata (rhizome), withania somnifera (roots), piper longum (fruit), ellataria cardamomum (fruit), oroxylum indicum (bark), solanum indicum (stem & root wood), tinospora cordifolia (stem), terminalia chebula (fruit), apocynym foetidum (whole plant), boerhaevia diffusa (roots), phyllanthus niruri (whole plant), adhatoda vasica (whole plant-except roots), aegle marmelos (bark), premna integrifolia (wood), gmelina arborea (bark), stereospermum suaveolens (bark), desmodium gangeticum (leaf and tender shoots), uraria lagopoides (bark), nelumbium speciosum (flowers), solanum xanthocarpum (whole plant), tribulus terrestris (fruit), gymnema sylvestre (whole plant), curcuma zedoaria (rhizome), pistacia integerrima (galls), cyperus rotundus (rhizome), vitis vinifera (fruit).

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