Gurutej Kaur

Format: DVD Would you like to increase your powers of concentration and improve your ability to focus? On Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity, (previously called Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity), master yoga instructor Gurutej Kaur teaches techniques for balancing the hemispheres of the brain and heightening mental acuity. This series of 20 focused exercises—used individually or consecutively—teaches viewers to enhance their natural ability by:

-Revitalizing the body’s seven energy centers -Dissolving emotional blockages -Opening the mind and heart connection

Combining movement, breathwork, and mantras, Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity is an ingenious application of traditional yogic principles designed to generate increased presence and clarity in every situation. DVD, 60 minutes

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Kundalini Yoga for MENTAL CLARITY (calm & focus the mind) - DVD with Gurutej 18054$21.95Type: 

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