Nirvair Singh

This effective and educational video has three parts. The first part is a 20-minute morning yoga stretch series that is a wonderful way to start your day refreshed and energized. The second part is a 20-minute evening yoga relaxation series that will soothe and relax you before bed in the evening. The third part of this DVD will give you valuable information. This includes instruction on how to end your day and prepare for sleep and how to adjust yourself upon awakening. Instructions in the ancient and powerful techniques of Sat Kriya, and Breath of Fire, are also included.

Featured in this video:

- All you need to start practicing Yoga today! - Yoga secrets to sound, restful sleep - Modifications for students with special conditions - Uplifting and healing Mantra/Music. - Quality instruction from a university-level instructor - Kundalini research Institute (KRI) approved

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