Kundalini Yoga AWAKENING INTUITION for women

With Awakening Intuition for Women, Gurutej presents her fourth and most profound Kundalini Yoga DVD yet. Filled with incredible yoga sets, meditations, and tips for life, this DVD helps women rediscover the power of living in an intuitive place. Gurutej delivers exercises, breathing tips, and mantras with the timeless wisdom of Kundalini Yoga as taught to her by Yogi Bhajan. She guides women to that intuitive place deep within themselves where they are able to take control of themselves, their lives and their surroundings. This DVD also includes a bonus section with wonderful lifestyle tips including diet and nutrition, healthy habits, and meditation tips.

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Kundalini Yoga AWAKENING INTUITION for women (claim your power) DVD with Gurutej 18056$21.95

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