Dev Suroop Kaur

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Profound chants from the sacred language of India, with poetic English interpretation by Yogi Bhajan, address prayers for healing and removing blocks, purifying the mind and body, and invoking guidance and creativity.

Instructions & mudras included for meditations. Enjoy sacred chants with poetic English translations. Soothing vocals, guitar, flute, piano, dulcimer & fretless bass.

Samples and Track List:

1. Adi Shakti Invoke Creativity [6:10]
2. Rakhay Rakhanahaar Allow Complete Protection [16:18]
3. Haibhay Sach Heal & Remove All Blocks [9:33]
4. Oothai Tayree Purify the Body & Mind [6:30]
5. Chay Ghar Access & Develop Greatness [7:44]
6. Haibhee Sach Awaken Connection to Truth [7:30]
7. Aad Gurey Nameh Receive Guidance & Protection [7:49]

Dev Suroop Kaur: Vocals, Appalachian Dulcimers
Kevin Stoller: Piano & Strings
Mike King: Fretless Bass
Todd Shuba: Drums
Tony Donato: Flute
Kenny Skaggs: Pedal Steel & Mandolin
Emilio Caruso: Hand Percussion
Produced, Arranged & Recorded at Invincible Studio by Liv Singh Khalsa

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