GuruGanesha Singh

Journeying from intimate to expansive, Pure Ganesh showcases GuruGanesha Singh’s signature guitar work and rich chant vocals. It also features the soaring vocal improvisations of Snatam Kaur.

“Pure Ganesh is a personal expression of my relationship with God and is a way for me to connect with and express the love deep inside my heart.” - GuruGanesha Singh Khalsa

Recording the new album, Pure Ganesh, has exposed GuruGanesha to new levels of musical and spiritual development. “A part of me is expressed through this album that has been dormant since 1972 when I essentially started focusing on backing up chanting with rhythm guitar instead of continuing to grow as a lead guitarist. My creativity as a guitarist has really come alive since I started playing with Snatam Kaur and has particularly come alive during the creation of this album. It’s very exciting to realize that at age 55 my best years as a guitarist and musician are still ahead of me. I am now determined to realize my full potential before I leave this physical body and I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Track List:

1) Ek Ong Kar

2) Ma

3) In the Light of My Soul

4) Adi Shakti

5) Harinam

6) Guru Ram Das

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