Refining The Spirit April 16, 1986


“We are obnoxious to our own life when we do not discipline it.” “It is like driving a car without obeying the laws”.

“Temptation….A Temporary gain against a permanent loss.” “Temptation shall destroy your credit with “YOU”.

LIST of Points about the Set that are relevant

1. Postures 1&3, which are both putting the hands in fists, placing on the floor and lifting up your entire body weight, are a little bit difficult, especially as the very first posture in the set.

2. Most of the postures are done in easy sitting position, except the last exercise which is lying down and lifting pelvis.

3. SSS plays the Gong at the end of set, during lay-out.

Benefits of Yoga Class:

Eliminating tension from the Body

Opening up your energy

The little things we do can have a big affect on the Body

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