Snatam Kaur

Shanti, the Sanskrit word for peace, is the luminous successor to Snatam's critically acclaimed album, Prem. Snatam Kaur's exquisite, soothing vocals along with the subtle instrumentation evoke an inner and outer sense of peace.

Samples and Track List:

1. Ek Ong Kaar (Destiny) [8:42]
2. Dayndaa Day (Infinity) [8:15]
3. Aakhan Jor (Acceptance) [7:09]
4. Hariaa (Strength) [12:16]
5. Suni-ai (Listening Meditation) [7:44]
6. Suni-ai (Listening Celebration) [7:20]
7. Guru Ram Das (Healing) [10:48]
8. Ong Sohung (I am Thou, I am Peace) [9:11]

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